Commercial Motor Vehicles

*Each Vehicle Must Already Be Titled in Maryland.*

Titling must be done before Apportioned Registration can be

Trucking Credentials

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Filing for Vehicles 55,000lbs or over* - $110

(Tax paid separately.)


1. IRP Fleet Acct Management:

*Each vehicle must be titled already; before apportioned registration can be issued*

- Apportioned Registration Application - $40/each

(receive apportioned license plate, stickers, and cab card)

- Apportioned Tag Replacement - $40/each

(if lost, mutilated, or stolen)

- Apportioned Tag Transfer - $40/each

(both vehicles must be in the same vehicle class and in the same fleet within your IRP account)


- Management Service - $400/yr

(Let us focus on your fleet's tag and titling needs, allowing you to focus on your core business )

2. IFTA Application for License and Decals - $60

- IFTA Motor Carrier Quarterly Return Filing - $120/yr

(IFTA return costs $100 per quarter)


- 72-hour Maryland IRP Trip Permit - $55

(state fees included)

Required Documentation:

- Application for International Registration Plan 72-hour Trip Permit

You must specify the vehicle for which the trip permit will be used and indicate the requested beginning and end dates.

A separate application must be made for each trip permit requested.

Pilot/Escort Vehicle


Rates are based on miles traveled and vehicles needed.

Please feel free to call for an estimate or more information.

Lead Car
Chase Car
High Pole
Route Survey
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